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Ben Carr Music Project
Ben Carr Music Project

It is with great joy that I announce pre-sales for the upcoming album release, Unyielding. This collection of 10 original compositions features the current line-up of the Ben Carr Music Project (Ben Carr – vocals, ‘ukulele, percussion, Jason Koerber – flute, alto saxophone, Josh Maiocco – electric guitar, Joel Eisenkramer – acoustic and electric guitars, Pat Stevens – bass, and Pete Biolsi – drums) and travels through modes of rock and reggae, layered with jazz, bluegrass, folk, and afro-latin grooves.  This genre mash up is the defining sound of the BCMP.

“What’s the incentive for pre-purchasing the album?”

I’m glad you asked.

First off, the cost of Unyielding during pre-sales is $12.00.  After the release date (Fall 2014), the album price will be $15.00.

Secondly, with a pre-sale purchase you will receive a free download album of live Ben Carr Music Project and solo recordings over the past 3 years. That’s two full length albums for $12.00!!

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