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Official Release – ‘Unyielding’ – December 21, 2014

It is with much happiness that I announce the official release of Unyielding. This album has been in progress for over a year and I’m excited to see it finally come to life.

Unyielding is a step forward from my previous albums in that it features the line up of the Ben Carr Music Project (The other albums were essentially solo with a number of guest artists). I also decided to step away from the drum set for Unyielding and concentrate on the songwriting, vocals, and ‘ukulele. (Alas! I could not stay completely away from the drums as there is a healthy dose of percussion overdubs.)

The band features:
Ben Carr – vocals, ‘ukulele, percussion
Jason Koerber – tenor saxophone, flute
Josh Maiocco – electric guitar
Joel Eisenkramer – acoustic and electric guitars
Pat Stevens – bass
Pete Biolsi – drums

Unyielding is ten original compositions rooted in world beat and rock with layerings of folk, jazz, and classical. The songs are melodically playful, dynamically adventurous, and at times full of raw energy while still containing moments of expressive simplicity. Lyrically the songs raise awareness on the human relationship to technology and the propensity for enforcing rule and thought upon others, while also encouraging us to find joy in everyday life and to embrace our place of coexistence in the natural world.

A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who pre-ordered the album. As an independent artist, I rely on my fans for support. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

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